Table of contents:

Phonology and phonetics

Well, that’s quite a weird one, right? I’m fairly knowledgeable about the pronunciation of the following languages:

  • English
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

I’m the best at English phonology. I’m always eager to learn about stuff like vowel mergers, cluster reductions, flapping, and other phonological processes.

When it comes to Spanish and Japanese, I don’t even speak those languages (I’m learning Japanese, though). That doesn’t stop me from knowing what are the phonemes of them, how the Japanese pitch accent works, and what are the differences in pronunciation between different dialects.

Also, knowing the intrinsics of Polish phonology allows me to understand memes and jokes that play either on Polish dialects or the differences between spelling and pronunciation.

Image editing

I’m far from being a professional photo editor or a digital artist, but I know some basic stuff. For example, I designed this e-liquid label. I’m really proud of my work!

E-liquid label

Just like your average AliExpress seller, I didn’t ask for permission to use these anime girls. If you’re a copyright holder of those images and you’re not happy with me using them, you can send me an e-mail and I’ll take down my work. The girls are Jahy-sama and Ayanami.


I guess that I’m quite talented when it comes to writing. I’ve been praised for my essays since elementary school, even though I have never been trying particularly hard - it just comes naturally. Also, when my colleagues need help with some tech-related stuff, I’m happy to write a quick tutorial in Markdown and upload it to GitHub Gist.

Now, while creating my personal website, I’m rediscovering my passion for writing.


I love the underground. There’s nothing wrong with mainstream music, of course, but I believe that everyone should discover some underrated artists and check out less popular genres.

My own playlists consist mostly of EDM tunes, with some occasional rock, rap, or even classical pieces.

Here are some of my all-time favorites:

Ganja White Night - Trinity
love solfege - protomimesis#14
Camellia - STEELFUCK
Seraph - For Black, Dear Dahlia

You can check out my playlist here. There’s no Spotify version, unfortunately. YouTube is the best streaming platform for underground music fans because a lot of unpopular songs just aren’t available on Spotify!

Also, you can easily upload a song to YouTube yourself. For example, I had to upload Nurkalyi - ZaberZ, as no one has done it before me.