As an open-source enthusiast, I’ve worked with multiple technologies and programming languages.

These are my strongest skills:

GNU/Linux administration

I switched from Windows to GNU/Linux as my main operating system a few years ago, and I’m not looking back. I’m familiar with multiple distributions, including Fedora, Debian, Arch, Gentoo, and OpenWrt.

OpenWrt is a particularly interesting one - I use it on my network devices. To update my home router and WiFi APs quickly, I’ve written openwrt-build-script. It makes updating my routers as simple as generating the images and flashing them. That’s it - even my SSH keys are included!

I’m experienced with hosting game servers, VOIP servers (like TeamSpeak), databases, and websites. I use Docker or Podman when it’s possible, always with Docker Compose.

Game server configuration and management

Among my friends, I’m always the guy who will set up a game server, configure it, and install some plugins. It always goes in pair with GNU/Linux administration, as I’m not fond of dedicated game hosting. I prefer to buy a VPS, SSH into it, and configure everything manually. I like to be in full control.

I’m experienced with hosting these games: Minecraft, Terraria, ARK: Survival Evolved, Assetto Corsa, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


This is the language I used for my Logo language interpreter, SimpleLogo. It interprets simple scripts that describe a turtle’s path. With simple recursion and a few lines of code, beautiful images are generated.

SimpleLogo is one of my most algorithmically advanced projects, as interpreting a language that supports recursion isn’t an easy task, even when it’s a very simple programming language.

I’m also a contributor to Cuberite, an open-source Minecraft server.


That’s a natural one for someone who’s into open-source. I prefer working with Git in the command line instead of using a GUI.

I’m not a Git Guru, but committing, working with branches, merging - that’s everyday stuff for me.

Translation between Polish and English

I’m capable of creating bilingual content. I usually write stuff in English first, then I translate it into Polish. The reason - translating something into your native language is always easier than the other way around.

I can, of course, translate English to Polish, too. The result won’t be perfect, just like my English isn’t at a native level yet. But it will usually be good enough :)

Basic front-end

If I can make a simple website, I think I’m allowed to say that I know how to do some basic front-end stuff.

That’s nothing fancy, of course. uses Jekyll, a static website generator, and a theme called Minimal Mistakes.

I’ve tried some more advanced stuff with waifu2x_flutter, an Android app. It’s unfinished mainly because of… back-end difficulties. But I’m sure I’ll finish waifu2x_flutter one day!